Declarations, Statements and Recommendations of the Forum

At the early meetings of the Forum (then called “Joint Meetings between WHO and National Medical Associations), no formal statements etc., were adopted. The first document under the title “Statement“ was adopted at the fourth meeting in Rome1990. Included in the report of the Third meeting in Sofia however appeared a list of Conclusions and Recommendations, many of which formed the basis of much of the Forum’s future policy.


Helsinki 1991 Statement of Guiding Principles .1
Basel 1992 Recommendation on Continuing Medical Education .2
Basel 1992 Declaration on Tobacco .3
Basel 1992 Declaration on Conflicts in Europe and Health .4
Utrecht 1993 Statement on help to war-devastated populations in the former Yugoslavia .5
Utrecht 1993 Statement on Quality of Care .6
Budapest 1994 Statement on Infectious Diseases in Europe .7
Budapest 1994 Statement on Immunisation of Children .8
Budapest 1994 Statement on Tobacco and Health .9
Budapest 1994 Statement on Humanitarian Assistance to the War-devastated Populations in the countries of the former Yugoslavia .10
London 1995 Statement on Health Policies .11
London 1995 Statement on Tobacco and Health .12
London 1995 Statement on Hepatitis B and C .13
London 1995 Statement on War-devastated populations .14
Stockholm 1996 Statement for WHO Conference on European Health Care Reforms (Ljublijana) & annex .15
Stockholm 1996 Statement on the Promotion of Patients’ Rights .16
Stockholm 1996 Statement on Smoke-free Air travel .17
Copenhagen 1997 Statement on Anti-Personnel Landmines .18
Copenhagen 1997 Statement on the Threat of Defensive Medicine .19
Copenhagen 1997 Statement on Tobacco .20
Basel 1998 Statement on HFA Strategy and Health Care Resources .21
Basel 1998 Statement on Tobacco (advertising and sponsorship of tobacco products) .22
Basel 1998 Statement on Threats to the Health of Civilians in Kosovo .23
Tel Aviv 1999 Statement on Physicians` Autonomy .24
Tel Aviv 1999 Statement on Tuberculosis Control .25
Warsaw 2000 Statement on Tuberculosis and Prisons .26
Warsaw 2000 Declaration on Physicians` Autonomy .27
Ljubljana 2001 Statement on the Human Genome and International Patent Law .28
Vienna 2002 Declaration on tobacco control .29
Vienna 2002 Declaration concerning medical aid during armed conflict .30
Berlin 2003 Statement on the “Burnout”-syndrome among physicians .31
Berlin 2003 Statement on actions to reduce tobacco smoking in Europe .32
Dubrovnik 2004 Statement of the coopration EFMA / WHO .33
Dubrovnik 2004 Resolution on tobacco .34
Dubrovnik 2004 Statement on patient empowerment .35
Oslo 2005 Statement on the Bologna process and medicine .36
Oslo 2005 Statement on healthcare in prison and other forms of detention .37
Oslo 2005 EFMA Resolution on Action for Tobacco Control .38
Budapest 2006 Electronic record systems and databases in the field of health care .39
Lisbon 2007 Statement on physician migration .40
Tel Aviv 2008 Achieving a smoke-free medical profession throughout Europe .41
Belgrade 2014 Protection of health and medical services in times of armed conflict and other humanitarian emergencies .42
Sofia 1988 Conclusions and Recommendations of the Third Joint Meeting of WHO and National Medical Associations (i)
Rome 1990 Statement adopted by the Fourth Joint Meeting between WHO and National Medical Associations (ii)
Basel 1998 Statement adopted by National Medical Associations present at Basel Meeting on 7 March 1998: - "The Allocations of Resources for Curative Medicine and for Health Promotion and Preventive Medicine". (iii)
Tel Aviv 1999 Statement by the National Medical Associations present at the meeting of the European Forum of Medical Associations Tel Aviv 7-9 March 1999: "The ethical obligations of physicians to refuse to participate in or condone torture or inhuman practice and violation of human rights." (Case of Dr. Cumhur Akpinar) (iv)
Ljubljana 2001 Recommendations on the future structure and organization of EFMA/WHO (v)