What is EFMA?

The European Forum of Medical Associations (EFMA) is an international organisation with an aim to establish dialogue and cooperation between National Medical Associations (NMAs) and the World Health Organization (WHO) in the European Region to improve the quality of health and health care in Europe; promote the exchange of information and ideas between NMAs and the WHO; and as appropriate formulate consensus policy statements on health issues.

The National Associations in the Member States of the European Region of the World Health Organisation show a considerable diversity of origin. Whilst all are naturally concerned with the activities of physicians, their aims and objectives reflect these differences.  Within the European Region are to be found national medical associations whose roles vary from those which are Official Regulatory Bodies but who carry out other functions, those who are Trade Unions who also engage in other activities relating to the practice of the profession (including medical ethics), and those who are essentially independent bodies with either primarily scientific interests or activities relating to medical practice and the interests of their members, or both.

Some of these Medical Associations have been in continual existence for decades, some for a century or more. Others of earlier foundation were suspended due to political circumstances and with recent changes have been re-established or are trying to re-establish themselves. In some countries new independent organizations are still struggling to establish themselves. EFMA aims to assist these new organisations to establish themselves and continue to develop.