EFMA Members


Membership in the Forum shall be open to all recognized physician organizations of any country in the European Region of the WHO that is recognized by the UN.  A physician organisation shall be defined as “a free independent nongovernmental association of physicians constituted in an organisation which elects its own officers, appoints its own staff and determines its own constitution, except for any statutory duties that it undertakes, and whose activities cover all the various aspects of professional practice.”  

Membership is subject to a proposal by the LC and approval by consensus of the EFMA Forum.

Any eligible national organisation wishing to apply for membership shall apply to the Secretary, who shall raise it at the upcoming Forum meeting.

Participation in Forum meetings is conditional on the payment of fees, unless otherwise decided by the EFMA LC.

There is no membership fee for membership in EFMA.

EFMA Members are required to update their contact data and information on the official EFMA website. If no updates have been made for more than five years (after two reminders of the EFMA Secretariat), the membership shall automatically cease.



Independent individuals who express an interest in the subject matter of a Forum meeting may participate as observers at Forum meetings.  Observers may participate in all discussions but are not eligible to vote on decisions, or to be elected to positions within EFMA.  Observers are not permitted to request items for the agenda. Observers shall pay the regular registration fee (The LC may consider waiving or reducing the fee to 200 Euros).

Non-physicians and non-physician organisations may attend Forum meetings upon  invitation by the EFMA Liaison Committee.


 EFMA represents 64 European medical organizations and 10 observer international medical organizations.